Splendid Spring Dessert Set 春日烂漫甜品集

Introducing our Chinese New Year Dessert Set – a perfect blend of traditional and modern flavors for gifting or personal indulgence:

Components :

  • Mandarin Daifuku 橘子大福: A clementine, rose, and milk-filled delight.
  • Mango Fuji Yokan 香芒富士山寒天: Rich mango, roselle, milk, and bean paste layers.
  • Matcha Jasmine Tofu 抹茶茉莉豆腐: Soy milk mousse with matcha jasmine cream.
  • Roselle Lychee Stick 洛神荔枝糖葫芦: Roselle cream, lychee compote, and white chocolate.
  • Osmanthus Cake 桂花绿豆糕: Mung bean cake with a hint of osmanthus.

Celebrate with these delightful treats – a joy for the taste buds and a perfect gift for the Lunar New Year festivities.


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