1. Are your products halal?
    Our products are pork-free, lard-free and alcohol-free. We are currently in the process of acquiring Halal certification. Do stay tuned for more updates!
  2. How soon should I consume my desserts?
    All desserts are best eaten as soon as possible for optimum freshness and quality.
  3. How should I keep my desserts when I receive them?
    Please refrigerate all chilled products (e.g., roll cakes, other cakes) and send all frozen products (e.g., ice cream, daifuku) into the freezer as soon as possible following pick up or upon receiving them. Do not keep desserts outside for more than 30 minutes.
  4. How long can I keep my desserts?
    We recommend enjoying the desserts as soon as possible. However, if you would like to keep some for other days, we recommend keeping them in suitable storage condition.
    Roll cakes: 3-4 days in Chiller
    Dessert Bento: 2 days in Chiller
    Ice Cream: up to 1-month in Freezer
    Daifuku: 1 day in Chiller, up to 1 month in Freezer
  5. What is the best temperature to enjoy daifuku?
    We recommend enjoying the daifuku when the outer mochi layer is soft but the inside is still cold and solid. This can be achieved by placing a completely frozen daifuku at room temperature for 10 min.
  6. What is the best temperature to enjoy Japanese roll cakes?
    We recommend enjoying the roll cakes when they’re chilled. Some customers prefer to wait 5-10 minutes before digging in, to enjoy the cake with ‘molten’ center. Both ways are equally tasty!
  7. For the Mix & Match Gift Box, can I choose my preferred flavours?
    Yes definitely! You choose the flavours, we made them for you.
  8. Are your products vegan-friendly?
    Unfortunately, our cakes, ice cream and daifuku mochi contain dairy cream and eggs which make them unsuitable for a vegan diet.


  1. How much time in advance do I need to pre-order?
    3 days including public holidays and weekends of advance order is required. We do stock some of the items in our outlets that you can walk in to purchase if you need something immediately.
  2. How would I know if my order is confirmed?
    All orders will only be processed when full payment has been made. For all successful orders, you will receive a payment confirmation email provided with your order numbers and details. Do check your junk/spam mail if it’s not in your inbox.
  3. I have not received the confirmation email within 24 hours of placing my order.
    Please contact us via WhatsApp at 011 3105 3205.


  1. Can I self-collect my order from my preferred outlet and time slot?
    Yes, you can. Please select your preferred collection outlet and time slot, we will then arrange accordingly.
  2. How long can my food last once I pick it up from the outlet?
    All our chilled and frozen items come with ice packs which can last 20 – 30 minutes for your journey. Avoid placing the package under direct sunlight or in a hot environment.
  3. What info should I provide to your front crew to collect my order?
    You just have to present your order confirmation email upon collection for verification purposes.
  4. What should I do if I would like to make changes to the order?
    Kindly email us at [email protected] at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled pick-up time.
  5. Can I have someone else collect my order on my behalf?
    Yes, your representative will have to present the order confirmation email you received to our front crew for verification purposes.


Delivery (For perishable products)
  1. Do you deliver to all parts of Malaysia?
    No, delivery is only available in selected regions within Klang Valley only.
  2. Do you deliver every day?
    Yes. However, delivery will only take place on your selected date and time slot only.
  3. Can you deliver outside of your delivery areas?
    If your delivery address is not covered on the website, kindly contact us via WhatsApp at 011 3105 3205 and we will try our best to accommodate the request.
  4. How much is the delivery fee?
    The delivery fee will be calculated at the checkout.
  5. Can I change my order delivery date and time slot?
    Kindly email [email protected] at least 48 hours to the scheduled delivery time. If the request is made in 48 hours, an additional charge of RM 20 applies.
Shipping (For ambient products & merchandises only)
  1. Do you ship nationwide?
    Yes, we do! The shipping cost will be calculated at the checkout point. Please take note that we can only ship ambient products and merchandise.
  2. What if the products I ordered were damaged?
    We will take reasonable steps to wrap your parcel with sufficient protection layers so the goods will arrive in good condition. By placing an order, you are deemed to accept the risk of damage during transit. We will not take responsibility for damage beyond our control.


  1. What can I do if I received defective/wrong products/missing items?
    • Defective/wrong products
      Please report the issue with photos of the products & order numbers to [email protected] within 24 hours of pickup or delivery time. For defective/wrong products, we will replace them for you at the earliest opportunity. Alternatively, you can request a refund of the said items.
    • Missing items
      If there’s an item found to be missing, we will reschedule the delivery of the missing item at the earliest possible opportunity to you. Alternatively, you can request to cancel the undelivered items and we will refund the cost of said item to you.


  1. How do I make payment for my purchase?
    Currently, you can make payment via online banking, credit card and e-wallet only.
  2. I’ve changed my mind; can I cancel my order?
    No cancellation is allowed after confirmation of the order unless under special circumstances (which are to be assessed on a case-to-case basis). If your cancellation is allowed, you are required to pay RM 20 to recover the transaction charges by the payment gateway and administrative cost.
  3. How soon can I get my refund?
    Refunds will be made to the original payment method within 1-3 working days.

For more details, you may refer to our Delivery & Shipping Policy.

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